Volunteer opportunities within various community outreach programmes

Help transform the Cyber Community Safety of London

(ISC)2 London Chapter is sharing details of various programs of work to our members for volunteer opportunities. These programme of projects are being initiated to help transform the Cyber Community Safety of London.

Planning is under way for overlapping projects to create a Cyber Resilience Centre for London and a Cybersecurity Sector Careers Partnership .  Both are likely to be publicly announced in September but they both need serious innovation and resourcing in order to succeed in meeting expectations. 

The success of both will depend on projects and programmes which harness corporate support for “volunteers” with the professional experience and expertise. The goal is to develop new programs that meet the needs of local law enforcement, teachers, youth workers, careers and business advisors. 

Those who help will also discover new contacts and ways of working to help better secure their own organisations and its customers, supply chains and employers.  

Are you interested in developing the future structures, having fun, organising and running an evolving portfolio of projects? The benefits and aims of these projects are included in the download along with how to get involved and the key contact. For specific projects that are already underway please email the contacts in the download.

If you are interested in organising and planning the Cyber Resilience Centre for London and/or the Cybersecurity Sector Careers Partnership please email Philip Virgo (virgo.philip@outlook.com) and cc (ISC)2 London Chapter (initiatives@isc2londonchapter.co.uk).