Entry-Level Cybersecurity Certification

(ISC)2 has created an entry-level cybersecurity certification that will provide a first step through which we can attract and develop diverse talent for the cybersecurity teams of the future, including students, recent college graduates and career changers.

We’ve compiled an exam outline with more details on the content that each domain will cover.   Candidates can register for the exam or explore education options at (ISC)2 entry-level-certification-pilot.  

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Chief Information Security Officer – how do we identify a CISO?

With the closing of 2021 the ISC2 London Chapter December event focused on the role of a CISO. 

It was quickly apparent that the expectations of a CISO are vast, and the role varied between organisations.  Tim Holman’s (2|Sec) presentation questioned the skills and qualifications that were truly required for a CISO role.  In conclusion the CISO role was more of an advisory role across the different business units without necessarily ownership of the business function.

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ISF Conference 2020

The ISF Conference 2020 took place 16-19th November as a virtual event, having initially been scheduled to take place in Poland.  The virtual experience was extremely impressive and the technology ran throughout each day without fault.  Other than the inability to see or talk to actual people all the key components were there, with full bio’s on all the speakers, key note sessions, a library to browse and download ISF white-papers and materials, auditorium, which you entered to here the key note speakers, break-out rooms and interactive workshops via zoom.  Chapter Officer Liz Banbury had the following to say about the event.

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(ISC)2 Congress 2019

October 28th to 30th saw the 2019 (ISC)2 Congress hit the magical word of Walt Disney World in Florida for 3 days of inspirational speakers, entertaining shows and thought-provoking seminars. With over 2,500 attendees, including 150 students, there was a little bit of something for everyone!

The inspirational key notes included Capt. “Sully” Sullenberger, who ever so eloquently articulated how he called upon his mental resilience to avert certain aviation disaster, through to Erik Wahl who portrayed (literally) how to abstract creativity that is within each and every one of us and apply this rule-breaking thinking to the world of security.

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Security Industry Challenges – Keys to the Future Event

Wednesday 31st July saw the first large-scale collaborative event between the (ISC)2 London Chapter, ISSA-UK and the Cloud Security Alliance [CSA], in which AON sponsored the event and provided the venue at their premises at Leadenhall.   The theme of the day was Industry Challenges: Keys to the Future and it was a full house with all seats being taken up.  Over 200 like-minded cybersecurity professionals and interested persons came to hear a variety of speakers followed up by a panel of SME’s who answered a range of questions directed to them by the audience!

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Cyber Strategy for the UK Workshop

The Royal United Service Institute [RUSI] in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Centre [NCSC] held its annual workshop at their Whitehall premises to discuss the future of Cyber Strategy for the UK.

This year two workshops took place on the 25th June and 12th July, to which ICS2 London Chapter Secretary Liz Banbury was invited, along with 39 other individuals from a variety of sectors: The UK Government defence department; NCSC; Department for Digital; Culture, Media and Sport [DCMS] and Cyber Security Professionals for Academia, Public and Private sector organisations.

Key Questions are asked in each workshop to address both how the UK can better respond to National Cyber Incidents and around how what the UK can do to ensure that it is taking a stronger lead-in Cyber Security on the Global playing field.

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