PeepSEC Online Summit

PeepSec is the world’s first and only 100% free, 100% online summit focused on the opportunities and issues born from the interactions between people and technology – issues such as cyber security, trust, social impact, privacy, innovation and ethics.

As part of the unique event James Packer [ICS2 London Chapter President] and Liz Banbury [ISC2 London Chapter Secretary] were invited, along with 23 others from organisations such as Standard Chartered, TechUK, the Bank of England and the NCSC to share their insights on how Technology is changing and with specific emphasis on the impact it has on People.

This provided for a vast array of dialogue with discussion on, but not limited to:

  • How emerging technologies will change societies and cultures
  • How organisations can ready their teams for new technologies
  • What organisations are doing to ensure people use tech in a secure manner

As technology and it’s impact is discussed key themes emerge around privacy, the scope of surveillance, intrusive technologies as well as disruptive technologies.   For the ICS2 London Chapter as well as for many other like-minded groups and individuals these are important topics but it is also important to acknowledge that it is the ‘awareness’ of the risks of using certain technologies that need to be taken into account, and education is about being able to come to an informed decision when assessing whether to use the functionality being offered.   It is the ‘informed’ decision-making that is key, and being an enabler and positive force behind the use of technology that is important. 

It is also important to think and understand about where technology is going in the future, and how to predict the trends.  How is behaviour changing now?   The young generations carry out everything on a mobile device, information is ‘streamed’ rather than searched for, accounts are authorised via biometrics rather than passwords.

Predicting these trends and understanding changes in behaviour, due to the impacts of technology that will help us, as cyber security professionals provide the education and awareness where needed.

The world is changing rapidly and it is up to us to work out in what direction and therefore how best we can help ensure that it is being used safely.  If you’d like unrestricted access to a unique collection of insights you won’t be able to get hold of anywhere else, simply go to , register and then you will be able to listen to any of the video-recorded interviews at